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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Visita Iglesia 2017 in Laguna

Our family at Saint Peter of Alcantara in Pakil, Laguna

I planned this Visita Iglesia for over a month and. 15 Churches to represent each station of the Way of the Cross. This time chose the old churches in The Province of Laguna.

Theoretically it is doable. If we arrived at the northern part of Laguna which is Pakil by 6 in the morning, we could finish the 15 churches by 6 in the evening. Unfortunately, we left our house at 4 in the morning and with some wrong turns and missed turns we arrived at the first church by 8 in the morning. 

By the time we arrived at the 8th church which is in Liliw, the Mass of our Lord's Supper was already started. Traffic situation was bad, moving at 2 km/hour. It took us another hour before we arrived at the 9th church, we just made the sign of the cross and headed home via Calauan route which I thought is a better than the San Pablo route. 

Today I found additional 6 churches, if only knew these additional churches we could have visited 14 churches before we got caught in a traffic jam.

I love this year's Visita Iglesia because my nanay is with us and my older daughter lead four of the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross.

We are now planning to visit the other churches that we have missed sometimes this year.

What I have learned:
1. Avoid side trips - we had a couple of this side trips that adds up to our delays.

2. Learned the traffic conditions - I never thought that the traffic condition going to Calamba is worse than I expected due to road works and resorts.

3.  Know the routes ahead of time - as for me I just used a navigation application to take us to our destination. Internet signals in some areas are too weak and sometimes the suggested route is restricted or not possible due to road constructions

4. It is better to do your Visita Iglesia before Holy Thursday  to avoid too much crowd and traffic jams.

I travelled a total of 287 km in 20 hours. It took us 6 hours before we reached Calamba proper, a distance of only 50 kilometers. Everyone was sleeping except me and my mom, off course I was driving.  Even if I was so tired and in pain, I need to finish this trip and bring us home safely.

My pain is nothing compare with Jesus'. He had thousands of wounds. He was dead tired but he finished His journey to the Calvary just to bring us back to His loving arms. 


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