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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Never Say Die (Ginebra All the Way)

This conversation happened during Game 1 of the recently concluded PBA Philippine Cup Finals between Barangay Ginebra San Miguel (BGSM) and San Miguel Beer (SMB)

Gabby: Init na init ulo ko sa San Miguel Bear na yan. (My temper was rising at San Miguel Team)

Me: Ha ha ha

Gabby: Bakit ka po tumatawa? (Why are yiu laughing) I am serious.

Game was a blow out, my dad in law said, "Buti kung makaisa."  (Good if the can win a game.) I was hopeful, Tim Cone will find a way, the #BGSM players can find a way but they were not able to find a solution to stop Jun Mar Fajardo and the gang. He is unstoppable inside the paint and the others made their shot beyond the arc.

BGSM's detractors sometimes iritating., when they won Game 2, they said it was scripted, that BGSM is favoured but every time SMB wins. The game is fair. If BGSM win a game or two or maybe win the championship it is not scripted but many still believe in this unwritten scripts.

Many predicted (because the script said so) that the series will end in Game 7 because of money. We all know it ended in Game 5 in favor of SMB 4 to 1. So, what happened? Someone revised the script? If BGSM is highly favored, what happened the past eight years, they never win a championship and most of the time they were eliminated early.

For five games BGSM fought to the end, most of the time they were trailing, struggling I guess.

But look at the crowd, listen to their chant, "Ginebra, Ginebra" #hopeful that the players of the most popular Team in the land will somehow feel the energy and transcends it into points. Win or lose we finished watching the games no matter how excruciating the pain is, no mercy I guess.

Haters will always be haters. I read a lot of comments, sagip kapamilya, Ilabas na ang water spinach, sino ngayon ang nasa kangkungan, etc, etc. All they want is for BGSM to lose.

Don't mind haters, move on, move forward, try and try until you suceed.

This is how we should face the challenges in our life, NEVER SAY DIE.  That spirit is in my blood and in every person's blood.

The #NeverSayDie spirit will live on.

2nd Conference will begin in two weeks, Win or lose I am #GinebraAllTheWay

© photo by sports5

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