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Friday, February 21, 2014

Rejoice Always...

Just this morning...riding on a private car (Not Mine, since I am not allowed to use my car because of the Number Coding Scheme in Metro Manila).

Me: San po daan nyo?  (Where do you go from here?)

Girl: C-5
Me: (Oopps!!), okay
My wife: San ka bababa n'yan? (My wife is working in Makati so it doesn't matter if we use C-5 or EDSA Route)

Me: I made a sign of ssshh?!

I was praying that they will change their mind to use the EDSA route instead going to Makati, since my office is near Crossing, Manaluyong  so there's no chance that I won't be late if we will headed   C-5 (their usual route I guess, so I did not ask if we could use the EDSA route), out of way for me...

The husband said: Traffic!! (Flyover going to C-5, Tiendesitas) Girl: Gusto mo mag EDSA ka na lang?, mas may chance tayo dun. (Do you want us to use EDSA route instead?, we have better chance there)

I was thanking God...

I was jumping for joy, what more if I will win my own battle, frenzy I guess. I believe God will make all things possible..easiest or the toughest things I may face.

I choose to J.U.M.P
M-akes all things


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