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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Reuse, Reduce & Refuse, My Share in Saving our Environment

I am using bayong and reusable plastic containers (Tupperware, Lock & Lock and other similar containers) and refused plastic bags since 2008 whenever I go to the wet market. Now, many municipalities and cities in Metro Manila has ordinance banning the use of plastic.

I thought that banning the use of plastic bags was seriously considered when Metro Manila was badly hit by Typhoon Ondoy. Lots of people perished and lots of structured were damaged due to flooding caused by Typhoon Ondoy.

My "suki" (favorite stores were I regularly buy) always told me that my idea is good and sooner they will no longer use plastic bags.  Marikina City finally implemented Ordinance No. 18, Series of 2012 last October 1, 2012 where-in the use of plastic bags, disposable utensils made of styrofoam like plates, cups, and containers for commercial and personal purposes is prohibited within Marikina City. It aims to lessen accumulated plastic garbage in sanitary landfills. It was not implemented immediately to give ample time to the establishments affected by this Ordinance.

Other Cities that have similar ordinances as well like Pasig, Mintuinlupa, Makati City, Las PiƱas and Quezon City.

I've seen a lot of people still insisting the use of plastic bags instead of paper bags and a few establishments giving in to the request of their costumers. I know in due time they will learn. Here are a few photos I took last week using Sony Ericcson W8 when I went to Marikina Market. This is my small contribution for our environment.

This is my first stop were I buy most of the vegetables we need like onions, tomatoes, cabbage and Baguio beans among others. The store are now using reusable plastic trays for the convenience of their costumers. They are also using paper bags instead of plastic bags. 

I usually buy Buko for our Sunday refreshment. I also, bring my own pitcher and refused plastic bag. the store no longer use plastic cups, they use paper cups instead. Though they still use plastic bag for costumers who does not bring pitcher. 

This is the store were they still allow their costumer to use plastic bags even if they already have paper bags.

A bigger plastic container for the chicken.

Small plastic containers for fishes and sea foods like tilapia and squids.

This is how my bayong (it is made out of plastic though, sorry) and Eco-bags usually looks like after buying all the stuff we need for the week. I only have one plastic on that day, the original packaging of the noodles.

I was only thinking, Local Government Units and NGO's are using plastic bags for relief goods, will they also stop using plastic bags for this?.

I will share more photos next week.

Individuals who violate the said ordinance shall pay a fine of PhP500 per offense or render an eight hour community service or blood donation.

For establishments, a fine of PhP1,000 for the first offense, PhP3,000 and temporary closure for the second offence and PhP5,000 plus permanent closure of the establishment for the third offense.

© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unauthorized use, edit, copy, reproduction, publication, duplication, download and distribution of any image may result in severe legal and criminal penalties under the law. The above photos were taken by Ricky Pascual and remain the properties of the photographer. Please do not use elsewhere without the owner’s permission.

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Day with my Family @ Manila Ocean Park

Though I still prefer to see marine life in their natural habitat, we still went to Manila Ocean Park with our 2 kids to see these marine creatures and have a family bonding as well and until I learn on how to swim (and maybe SCUBA diving), I might not see them in the sea. I still remember when we went to Sorsogon to see the Butanding, I only jumped once and I contented my self watching my friends as they enjoyed seeing the Butanding (I still hope to see one.). 
Anyway, the park opened in 2008 and since then it became one of the sought-after park in the Philippines. Even the school field trips includes Manila Ocean Park in their itinerary. Though its a little bit expensive for middle class families, there are regular promos that you can avail. We took advantage of this promo, besides we are not really keen on trying all the attractions in the park. A few hours with my kids are more exciting and fun.
Oceanarium - Over 5,000 varieties of marine creatures from around 300 species, all indigenous to the Philippines and the Southeast Asia. My elder daughter was fascinated by these creatures.

Jellies, Dancing Sea Fairies - I like the lighting effects and reflections from the mirrors.

Snow Village - At minus 15 degrees, I can't help but shiver and my elder daughter can't smile at all while my younger daughter was not allowed to enter since at that time is only 6 months old (Warning: You can bring your gadgets inside at your own risk. Souvenir Photo is available at Php100/print. Floors are also slippery,  so better wear an appropriate shoes)

The Fish Spa - After a very tiring day and while we were waiting for the Musical Fountain Show to start, we set an appointment with the doctor fish and be treated to a unique and truly exciting spa experience. On a side note, Gabby threw my sandals into the water.  

Musical Fountain Show - This multi-sensory spectacle of fantasy and reality was the highlight of our visit. The show fountain and the lights are fantastic but the story line needs more improvement.

 Trail to Antarctica - One of the snap shots with my 2 pretty daughters at the Trail to Antarctica photo exhibit.

Sunset at Manila Bay - A bonus and free attraction happens everyday here. The Sunset at Manila Bay.

Other attractions are the Aquanaut Voyage, Glass Bottom Boat Ride & Swimming and Fun.

Manila Ocean Park is both an educational and a recreational experience. Some people may treat this as attraction but for a few it will make them aware of the bast problem these marine creatures are facing (part of this is ironically the marine park itself). There are many  that are already in the list of endangered species and this could serve as a reminder that these marine creatures need help and proper handling.

For direction on how to get to Manila Ocean Park, please click here.

It's not much important where you will spend your time with your family, places like Manila Ocean Park is just an icing on the cake. Whether we just play at our house, read books, eat an ice cream and peanuts or spend your time in this kind of attractions, it is important to connect with your kids and spouse and let them feel that they are the most important thing in your life believe me the smile on their face wont leave them.

© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unauthorized use, edit, copy, reproduction, publication, duplication, download and distribution of any image may result in severe legal and criminal penalties under the law. The above photos were taken by Ricky Pascual and remain the properties of the photographer. Please do not use elsewhere without the owner’s permission.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Timberland Sports and Nature Club

"Close to the city, but a world away from the traffic, noise, and bright lights, you'll find Timberland Sports & Nature Club"  -- Timberland Sports & Nature Club

Just 45 minutes away from Marikina City proper and around 20 minutes from Batasan Complex will bring you to this exclusive mountain resort.

I've been hearing about Timberland for months or maybe years before I could actually see and enjoy this place during our Company outing and with my married friends a  week after. Thanks to CashcashPinoy, we were able to get an affordable and a good deal accommodations.

The only setback in going here is you need to have your own car. Luckily for us, a cab agreed to bring us to the club house not knowing the road ahead of us, if he only knew, the cab driver will not agree in bringing us there. I just doubled the fare because of his kindness. 

The resort is a family friendly environment complete with kids play area with lots of books and toys and a variety of sports facilities such as basketball court, badminton court, a climbing-wall among others not to mention the swimming pools were kids and adult can enjoy to the fullest. It was very relaxing and an enjoyable week for us.

Cashcash Pinoy is offering once more a remarkable 42% OFF-for only P3,499 instead of P6,000 for two (2) persons for a 2D/1N stay at Timberland Sports and Nature Club, including set breakfast, free wall climbing, use of facilities like infinity pool, gym, sauna, steam, Jacuzzi and more! . Deals will end in less than 2 days.

Have a nice day to all,


© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unauthorized use, edit, copy, reproduction, publication, duplication, download and distribution of any image may result in severe legal and criminal penalties under the law. The above photos were taken by Ricky Pascual and remain the properties of the photographer. Please do not use elsewhere without the owner’s permission.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

D.R.E.A.M. B.I.G.

Two (2) Saturdays ago, my wife and I, together with our young couples friends held our regular meeting. Our topic for that day is all about our DREAMS for our family and I summarized my dreams with the letters of DREAM BIG.

R-ide, rest house, residential house/mansion



I usually decide on what to eat by looking at the right-hand side of the menu – the price side. If it's cheap, its delicious. I am dreaming that one day I will enjoy the food I eat without minding the cost.

Ride, Rest House & Residential House/Mansion

Having a car is a necessity rather than a luxury. Praying to have one (or two) for our family.
My wife's grandparents' hometown is Puerto Princesa and I've been there 4 times since my feet first touch the ground of Palawan in 2003. I love the pristine beaches of Palawan, the simplicity of life there. A rest house would be great.

We want to have a big house (who doesn't). A house with big garden were we could hold parties with friends and family. With music room, play room, prayer room & library  aside from 4 bedrooms and a car park which can accommodate at least 2 cars.


My desire is to retire from work at the age of 40 years old. I only have 3 more years before retiring. I am tired of being an employee, for 14 years I am working and I don't think that I can become a millionaire by being an employee. My target: by 2013, I am financially free.


I started to have an interest in photography 4 years ago. It become a source of my income. I am investing on equipments & read books about photography to enhance my skills. I dream of having my own photo studio. Photography is also one of my stress reliever whenever I get from my day job.


On our 10th wedding anniversary, I claim that we will celebrate it in the pristine beach of El Nido with our respective family together with the priest who presided on our wedding day. I will splurge on this monumental event without even worrying about money.


My wife and I are now doing a part time and we are optimistic that we will earn exponentially and by the year 2013 we will have more than enough money to start a photography studio and a travel and tours.


We invested a small amount of money (our 13th month pay) in December 2008 and as of June 2012 the amount is doubled. My regret, I was not able to add on our investment for the last 3 years. Also, this month we are going to invest in stocks through Citisec Online. I learned that banks are just for safekeeping and not for investment.


I want to give more to God, 10% and up of my earnings. He deserves it. Thank you Lord for blessing me more even if I am not faithful in giving my tithes.

I dream bigger,
I am ready Lord,
Bless me more
I declare financial & time freedom

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Day is Complete

A smile from Dannie, giving me a reason to be happy
A tight embrace from Gabby, thanking me for all the things I've done.
A Kiss from my Wife, showing me her love and affection.
A whisper from God, telling me 'I'm always here beside you"

These makes my day complete today...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Be Thankful

My two-year old daughter Gabby, learned to say "Thank you" when she was about 1 and 1/2 years old. She would say "thank you" about anything, I mean anything. She will say "thank you" when I gave her some "pasalubong" (homecoming treat), whenever I let her watch her favorite shows (Hi-5, Dora and Barney) or even helping her stand-up or get something for her. The funny thing is, she will also say "thank you" even if she is the one giving or doing something for us as if reminding us to say "thank you". It become 2nd nature to her and it's something that is not mechanical, I feel the sincerity and gratefulness in her heart.

Truly, there are many things to learn from a child.

This time I learned to be grateful and thankful. I learned to be thankful on good and not so good things, about big and small blessings. From a child's perspective everything is a big blessing, no small blessings and no blessings in disguised, just big blessings period.

2011 just ended and I thank God for all the blessings I received. Life is full of challenges, sometimes rough but I survived from it because of God's blessings and guidance. I am more than blessed than the previous years and I believe this year is another year of blessings.

It's time for me to harvest.

I will share with you again the lyrics of the only song I composed in 2011 (I hope to have more this year). Have a blessed 2012 to all.

Overjoyed, overflowed
From the Blessings of the Lord
Now I'm here, To proclaim
What the Lord has done for me

For this is the day that the Lord has made for me
He blessed my life, Now I'm free
To proclaim his wondrous deeds.
I am blessed and overjoyed.

All my life, He blesses me.
Even though I'm doing nothing for Him.
I'm overjoyed with what he's done for me
(Now I know He loves me endlessly)
I will proclaim, I will declare.


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