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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gabby Made Me Cry Again...

While my wife is nursing my younger daughter, I decided to bring Gabby upstairs to watch her videos during the early days of her development inside her mom's womb and video clips of her birth and baptism.

Gabby is having an "episode" (going through a difficult adjustments) during the first couple of days with her younger sister.  So we watched the videos, I explained to her each videos, on what was happening. She likes the video of her moving inside her mom's womb, she said "wow!" and "cool" repeatedly. She laughed while watching the video of her crying during her birth and she was too shy to look at me while watching the video of her singing (she's only about 3 months then, I guess).

She understood everything I said, that her little sister will undergo the same process, that her little sister will need more attention for the time being.

And then...

She kissed me, as if telling me "Daddy, thank you", then I cried, I cried not just because of that kiss. I cried  because I feel very blessed to have Gabby as my daughter, a very sweet and loving daughter and I thank God for allowing me to spend that special day with her.

Gabby loves her sister Dannie even more, she hugs her every morning. She check every now and then if Dannie is okay and she still laughs while Dannie is crying. I can't wait to see them playing together and helping each other. Its going to be a "cool" and "wow" moments.


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