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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gabby Made Us Cry

Finally, our stay in the hospital is over..  Last Saturday, we came home and reunited with our elder daughter.

Gabby was outside the gate waiting for us to arrived. When she saw us she kissed us and our little Dannie welcoming her into our house.  She is so delighted to see us home.

On our first night together as a family, a touching scene happened. My wife was nursing Dannie while our elder daughter watched them. She's sleepy but can't go to bed because she was waiting for her mom to join her. What Gabby did was she sat besides her mom waiting for her to finish nursing Dannie. She took a peek once in a while checking if Dannie is asleep.

Finally, after 30 minutes or so, my wife finished nursing Dannie then put her in the crib. It's was a signal for Gabby to finally asked her mom to join her in bed. That kind of gesture made me and my wife cry.

Gabby is only 22 months old and  it's unusual for Gabby to experienced things like this. She may be confused with what is happening  around her, for almost two years our attention was only on her but now there is a little girl who shares it. She is not prepared for the changes but I know she's coping... She understands.
We are learning important lessons,

About faith and trust,
About perseverance,
And about sharing and giving.

Have a nice day to all.  

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