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Monday, January 24, 2011


This song is a response to my blog: Enjoying God's Blessing

Overjoyed, overflowed
From the Blessings of the Lord
Now I'm here, To proclaim
What the Lord has done for me
For this is the day that the Lord has made for me
He blessed my life, Now I'm free
To proclaim his wondrous deeds.

I am blessed and overjoyed.

All my life, He blesses me.
Even though I'm doing nothing for Him.
I'm overjoyed with what he's done for me
Now I know He loves me endlessly
I will proclaim, I will declare.

I am almost done writing the music notation. I hope many people will be blessed by the Lord through this song. I am happy to share it in the coming days.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Enjoying God's Blessing

When you honor and praise God through your commitment and obedience to stewardship, He showers you with joy. He turns your giving into a thrilling adventure in Christian living. (Source:
The question is, am I committed and obedient to deserve such blessing?. I've been busy with work for more than a month now. Lots and lots of overtime and sometimes I went home in the wee hour of the morning. I missed my weekly commitment as a guitarist/singer at Ortigas Feast (A weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus Community).
My work is s blessing from God, so I should love it and serve wholeheartedly to honor God, to serve others (our client and co-workers) and provide for my needs. Though, I am tired everyday I came home (which I did not experience for the longest time), my spirit and my body is recharged and rejuvenates whenever I see my wife and my daughter (they make my life stay balance) and I am enjoying it. I love to stare at them, kiss them and hug them.
Whatever I do for God, I cannot outgive Him. He blesses me even more even if I'm doing nothing for him (I feel like I am only on the receiving end right now).
Last week (Monday). I received another blessing from God, another lifetime blessing from Him.
God gave me two (2) lines.
Two lines, which means life.
Yes, I am going to have my 2nd child.
God amazes me again. I prayed (my wife doesn't know) for this last December 2010 and God answered me instantly. Last time seems to be so long, almost 4 years before God gave as our first child.
I guess it's not about how long we pray.
It's about our readiness to receive His blessings and our readiness to enjoy it.
Enjoy your blessings.

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