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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gabby Made Me Cry Again...

While my wife is nursing my younger daughter, I decided to bring Gabby upstairs to watch her videos during the early days of her development inside her mom's womb and video clips of her birth and baptism.

Gabby is having an "episode" (going through a difficult adjustments) during the first couple of days with her younger sister.  So we watched the videos, I explained to her each videos, on what was happening. She likes the video of her moving inside her mom's womb, she said "wow!" and "cool" repeatedly. She laughed while watching the video of her crying during her birth and she was too shy to look at me while watching the video of her singing (she's only about 3 months then, I guess).

She understood everything I said, that her little sister will undergo the same process, that her little sister will need more attention for the time being.

And then...

She kissed me, as if telling me "Daddy, thank you", then I cried, I cried not just because of that kiss. I cried  because I feel very blessed to have Gabby as my daughter, a very sweet and loving daughter and I thank God for allowing me to spend that special day with her.

Gabby loves her sister Dannie even more, she hugs her every morning. She check every now and then if Dannie is okay and she still laughs while Dannie is crying. I can't wait to see them playing together and helping each other. Its going to be a "cool" and "wow" moments.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gabby Made Us Cry

Finally, our stay in the hospital is over..  Last Saturday, we came home and reunited with our elder daughter.

Gabby was outside the gate waiting for us to arrived. When she saw us she kissed us and our little Dannie welcoming her into our house.  She is so delighted to see us home.

On our first night together as a family, a touching scene happened. My wife was nursing Dannie while our elder daughter watched them. She's sleepy but can't go to bed because she was waiting for her mom to join her. What Gabby did was she sat besides her mom waiting for her to finish nursing Dannie. She took a peek once in a while checking if Dannie is asleep.

Finally, after 30 minutes or so, my wife finished nursing Dannie then put her in the crib. It's was a signal for Gabby to finally asked her mom to join her in bed. That kind of gesture made me and my wife cry.

Gabby is only 22 months old and  it's unusual for Gabby to experienced things like this. She may be confused with what is happening  around her, for almost two years our attention was only on her but now there is a little girl who shares it. She is not prepared for the changes but I know she's coping... She understands.
We are learning important lessons,

About faith and trust,
About perseverance,
And about sharing and giving.

Have a nice day to all.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boracay...A Vanishing Beauty?

In 1990, Boracay was voted by the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook as one of the best beaches in the world and again in 1996 by British publication TV Quick as the world's number one tropical beach. Today, Boracay is still one of the top destinations among Filipinos and foreigners as well.
In 2007, my wife and I, together with some friends went here see the beauty of Boracay and experience it at its best. We stayed in a hotel located in Station 2 were most of the tourist stayed. The fine sand of the beach is awesome, the water is so clear and yet why I didn't soak myself into the water. Nightlife?, that's another story, I just slept all night, I just let my wife and friends enjoy the night. There were giant sand castles then and for a few pesos you could posed for a few photos.  Honestly, I did not enjoy much of my stay there, so I regret it now.

After 4 years, we went back in Boracay for another vacation, this time we stayed in a hotel located in Station 1, were most of celebrities and foreigners stayed. Actually, hotel accommodations at Station 1 is more affordable than before.

But I noticed that there is something wrong that is happening in the beach, a very noticeable changes. The sand is eroding and sewage pipes are now exposed. In fact woods are placed around some manholes to hide it from tourists, but the truth is, it will not hide nor solve the real problem of the island. For the past years the white sand of Boracay was eaten by the sea. Is it because of climate change or the over-development of the island?. I guess both.

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in its climate change publications, said that for every centimeter rise in sea level results in a one-meter beach erosion. From climate change alone, a portion of Boracay's white beach vanished, wiped out by the sea. Resorts whose seawalls built too close to the shore also contribute to sand erosion.

Over-development adds to the pressing problems faced by the island. There are massive violations of building guidelines along the beach.  Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) was unveiled in 2008 that would help regulate the development of the island and save it from further deterioration. Is it being implemented?, I am not sure. In our country, most of the laws, guidelines and ordinances were not implemented properly, it just remain written on a piece of paper.

Boats destroy corrals, sand miners may be still  in the land, tourists disregard concerns on our environment and corruption in our government contribute to the present and alarming problem(s) of Boracay. For sure, more tourists will come and go in Boracay and perhaps many of them will not notice the (bad) changes that is happening in Boracay or maybe they don't just care. I envy my friend who saw the virgin island of Boracay in 1987. He said that the white sand of the island was wider compare to its present state, maybe more than half of it were gone. I wish I could travel back in time.

I always love to go to an unexplored, untouched island. A pristine island is so rare to find, when found it is being shared to others. But sharing it may contribute in degrading and destroying an island, because it  became popular, it became the center of development and attraction and soon we will look again for another place to destroy.  It is always our responsibility to protect our environment so that the next generation will enjoy it too.

The white beach of Boracay is the reason why people go here, not the extravagant nightlife, not the water sports nor the henna tattoo which incidentally caused me an allergy. There are programs being done to mitigate the problems of Boracay, I hope it is not too late. Giant sand castles are long gone but I hope Boracay wont be another casualty of our carelessness and of this so called development.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Our 5th Anniversay

Marriage is not only for fun. It is neither just a traditional obligation nor a natural requirement when your age matures. Marrying someone is uniting with somebody whom is the love of your life. (Secret Contents)

I was trying to write something for my wife on our 5th Wedding Anniversary but somehow I am lost for words. I already wrote about my love and devotion to her, how she changed my life and how she makes me very special.

Then after 15 hours (I am still in the office as of this writing, 3am)...I thought about my life without her, It's like a movie without music. Thank God, I found her long before she found me (I wonder why it took her two years before she realized that I was the one she's looking for, ehem!).

I love remembering over and over again what transpired on April 30, 2006, the day she said "I do". It gives me goose bumps. I remember the day she walked down the aisle, I was crying and when I held her hand I forgot everything (I even forgot to kiss my mom). I love that scene.

Five years after, I still feel the same way.

For my wife:

For months, I've been working until after all the people are sleeping and you are patiently waiting for me. I've been missing you a lot (and our daughter too). Today is just another day here at work. Hopefully, in an hour I am done and I could go home and embrace you so tightly.

Sorry about today, I should be home and spend the rest of the day with you. Thanks to your patience and understanding. Thank you that you still open the door for me. I know you love me despite the limited time with you lately. I was not able to plan anything today, I hope we could make this day a memorable one even if my plan of marrying you again wont push through because of limited budget. I hope to do this within the year or on our next anniversary.

Happy Anniversary and I love you.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Salubong is an Easter Sunday pre-dawn ritual which reenacts the Risen Christ's meeting with His mother Mary.

This was the first time I attended or witnessed "Salubong" (literally fetch) since 1999. The celebration took place one street away from our house or about 50 meters away so I woke up at 4 am to witnessed it.

The ritual may not be biblical but we believe that it happened a long time ago besides Mary is Jesus' mother and it was appropriate that Mary should know first that His Son is alive. As if Jesus was telling Mary "Do not mourn anymore, I am risen and alive".

We are "Mary" of the modern time, We are in deep pain for the lost of love ones or for some trials in our life but Jesus is telling us "Do not mourn anymore, I am here, I am alive and I will take away all your sufferings and pain". The resurrection of Christ gives us hope and a new beginning and a new life.

Happy Easter everyone.

© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unauthorized use, edit, copy, reproduction, publication, duplication, download and distribution of any image may result in severe legal and criminal penalties under the law. The above photos were taken by Ricky Pascual and remain the properties of the photographer. Please do not use elsewhere without the owner’s permission.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Happy thoughts are part of our lives. The human brain produces approximately 70,000 thoughts on an average day. Maybe, I think of my family most of the time.

Thoughts about missing quality time, thoughts about how my daughter is doing on a particular day and thoughts about my soon to be 2nd child. Just like yesterday my daughter took her moms earphone, put it on her ears then sung and sway her hips as if she was listening to music. I missed seeing it because I was still in the office at 10 in the evening.

My wife is 4 months pregnant and I am guilty of not taking care of her just like I did when she was pregnant with Gabby. Things like preparing a glass of milk or pamper her with a foot massage. Thank God she's too understanding, she did kicked me out of our house.

At this very moment, I think about them again, maybe a thousand times or maybe more. Just a thought of them makes me smile and makes me feel good again. A thousand more makes me feel like I can do anything for them.

I hope to give more of my time to them rather than giving more to my work. I hope to spend more of me with them, laughing, singing, playing and enjoying each other's company.

I know things will change for the better.

Peter Pan could fly because of pixie dust and a happy thought.. I don't need pixie dust, all I need is a happy thought (them) and I will soar like an eagle and will fly like Captain Barbell I guess.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Club Love

I Heart You Pare (starring Dingsdong Dantes and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid) is one of the popular show in town today on GMA Kapuso Network. I watched a couple of episode but I am not inclined to watch it daily. Mr. Bembol Roco is a better actor and much affective in gay role (Beauty Queen) than Mr. Tirso Cruz III (Sorry mom, I know you love Tirso so much).

Anyway, I mentioned the show because most of the scene is being shot at Boiler Room in Marikina Riverbanks. Actually, before Typhoon Ondoy destructed most of Metro Manila in 2009 it was a Restaurant/Bar but it never reopened after the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy.

Me, my wife and my daughter Gabby took a few post in front of The Boiler.. err.. Club Love and did a little tour around the establishment.

I also considered this place when I was looking for a venue for my daughter's 1st birthday but it was too big for 150 guess, it can actually accommodate 500 persons or even more.

Contact Details:
Boiler Room
Riverwalk, Riverbanks Center
Barangka, Marikina City
Tel No.: 757-3536 or 757-3537

Monday, January 24, 2011


This song is a response to my blog: Enjoying God's Blessing

Overjoyed, overflowed
From the Blessings of the Lord
Now I'm here, To proclaim
What the Lord has done for me
For this is the day that the Lord has made for me
He blessed my life, Now I'm free
To proclaim his wondrous deeds.

I am blessed and overjoyed.

All my life, He blesses me.
Even though I'm doing nothing for Him.
I'm overjoyed with what he's done for me
Now I know He loves me endlessly
I will proclaim, I will declare.

I am almost done writing the music notation. I hope many people will be blessed by the Lord through this song. I am happy to share it in the coming days.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Enjoying God's Blessing

When you honor and praise God through your commitment and obedience to stewardship, He showers you with joy. He turns your giving into a thrilling adventure in Christian living. (Source:
The question is, am I committed and obedient to deserve such blessing?. I've been busy with work for more than a month now. Lots and lots of overtime and sometimes I went home in the wee hour of the morning. I missed my weekly commitment as a guitarist/singer at Ortigas Feast (A weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus Community).
My work is s blessing from God, so I should love it and serve wholeheartedly to honor God, to serve others (our client and co-workers) and provide for my needs. Though, I am tired everyday I came home (which I did not experience for the longest time), my spirit and my body is recharged and rejuvenates whenever I see my wife and my daughter (they make my life stay balance) and I am enjoying it. I love to stare at them, kiss them and hug them.
Whatever I do for God, I cannot outgive Him. He blesses me even more even if I'm doing nothing for him (I feel like I am only on the receiving end right now).
Last week (Monday). I received another blessing from God, another lifetime blessing from Him.
God gave me two (2) lines.
Two lines, which means life.
Yes, I am going to have my 2nd child.
God amazes me again. I prayed (my wife doesn't know) for this last December 2010 and God answered me instantly. Last time seems to be so long, almost 4 years before God gave as our first child.
I guess it's not about how long we pray.
It's about our readiness to receive His blessings and our readiness to enjoy it.
Enjoy your blessings.

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