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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Celebrating My Daughter's 1st Birthday

My baby is now a lady... oops!!!, wait a minute let me rephrase it. My baby is now a toddler (LOL). Today, my sweet daughter is celebrating her 1st birthday and today I also celebrate my 1st year of fatherhood. It is fun documenting my daughter's growth and I will continue doing it as long as I can.

The funny thing is she's only a year older but I am already thinking about her future. Is she going to get married?. If yes, I hope and pray that she could find a man who is not just a boyfriend material but a husband material. Who won't take advantage of her, who will not just love her but more importantly respect her. Anyway, it is still a couple of decades away though I am preparing for this (actually, I have sets of questions in mind when I begin interviewing suitors).

I can't tell if I am going to be a good father (I hope so) but I am striving hard to be like one. My daughter really makes us happy. She knows how to make us smile even though she's not doing anything. She'll just look into your eyes and everything melts away.

She is still learning to walk on her own and I noticed that everytime she's about to fall, she is reaching out to hold our hands and we are more than happy to give our hands to her. There will come a time that she will not anymore need our hands and she will walk on her own, travel and go anywhere she wants, make her own decisions in life and have her own family (or maybe a different vocation). We will make sure that we are there to guide her in every decisions.
I was hoping that she will remain a child forever. That is also the reason why her party's motiff is Tinkerbell. Remember Peterpan and the Neverland?, were kids never grow old?. I want to to go to Neverland too. The reality is, she will grow slowly (and I will grow old too). Anyway, I still have many more years to enjoy my daughter (and my future children).

To my lovely daughter, happy 1st birthday to you. Thank you for all the laughter and quality time we shared and we are looking forward for more. Things are getting better and better and exciting as ever. We love you and enjoy this day.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Create Your Miracles

I thought of sharing this blog post again, Posted on on September 2005. I also shared this two Mondays ago when I lead the worship at the Ortigas Feast
This would be the second time that I joined a songwriting contest...

Frankly, it is so difficult to compose a song specially if it's for the Lord. I begun writing a song a day after the announcement of the songwriting contest. I was so excited but there were hesitations, not to mention a lot of pressures from my brothers and sisters in the community. They were all expecting that I will join.

Months, Weeks, days had past until it was about a week to go before the deadline of submission, I haven't write my song entry. I wrote two songs but eventually went straight to the trash bin until I finally gave up. It was so difficult if there was no inspiration coming from the Lord.

But my heart kept on saying, "join the contest'' but it was barely 3 days to go before the deadline."Lord, please extend the deadline if you really want me to joint the contest". The Lord granted my prayer.

A week of extension was all I got. It might not enough but I started writing a new song. I arranged the schedule of the recording not knowing if I could finish the song in time for the recording. Even if I haven't got any progress, I scheduled the recording 3 days before the final date of submission. I just let go of my intentions and let God do the job.

Eventually, I finished the song Friday morning.

One more problem that I encountered was when the owner of the studio I was renting told me that he might not be available on that particular night because he had a gig. I called Friday morning confirming our schedule if it will pushed through or not. He just told his band mate that he wont be attending their gig because he will earned more from the recording.

We recorded the song and it turned out well..

The Lord purified my motives, my intention. Before, I want to win the contest, that's all, nothing more. Those sleepless nights was over, I let Him work and purify my heart. Winning was not important anymore. I just want Him to use me as a vessel of His miracles and let the people hear the song and tell them, "This is God's work, God's miracle"...

I only hope that it will make it to the finals so that many people could hear it and to share what the Lord has done for me, how He used me, How he purified me...

The Song is simple..."Let Your Glory Shine"

To God be the Glory!!!!

On the finals night, I just went there to serve the Lord and sing to Him the song, I felt His presence, we just sung the song and enjoyed the night, it was really a humbling experience for me. Eventually, I got the 2nd Prize but more than the prize I learned a very important lesson, Always trust the Lord. When we focus our minds and heart in whatever we are doing to glorify God, His glory will shine.

Even if the song is long forgotten, I still continue writing songs for The Lord. May His Glory shines through me.

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