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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Use Your Gifts

The common interpretation of the Parable of the Talent is to teach us that we are under a moral obligation to use our abilities rather than bury them.

In the Bible, talent is a type of currency used during the time of Jesus. However, even the lowest value for a talent puts it as worth several thousand denarii and a denarius was the usual payment for a day's labor. So a talent was the value of many years of work by an ordinary person. (Source Wikipedia)

In today's use, talent or skill/ability (singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, etc.) is not also acquired overnight, it is many years of work.

Here are some points we may learn from the Parable:

  • God has faith in us, knows our potential and our capabilities.
  • He did not expect more from us than we can do
  • He knew our potentials

It is important that we get to know our Master, Jesus, so we understand His intentions for us and His faith in us. In knowing how He thinks of us, we understand our own potential better.

I've learned from a seminar (Child's Amazing Brain) that our brain composed of thousands of nerves which is connected to the center of our brain (It's like computers connected to a main server). Those nerves represent different skills and abilities.


When we are still on our toddler years, we have bits and pieces of every talent known on earth, as we grow older, we specialized on particular skill(s) and the unused nerves simply die because we don't use it anymore. That's how our talent works, if we don't use and develop it, it will simply die, period. God designed our brain to self-destruct those unused talents so that our brain will function better and specialized on things we love to do. So better use it and develop it for the glory of God.


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