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Friday, October 23, 2009

My Thoughts on My Baby's Birth

I am here once again waiting outside the operating room. My wife is scheduled to give birth to our first born child via Cesarean Operation. Unlike the first one this is different, this is going to be a happy one. Just the thought of seeing my child for the first time is like heaven, it feels so wonderful.
This time the tears in my eyes is not because of grief and sadness but because of joy and gladness. Before, I received text messages of sympathy but today I am receiving text messages congratulating us for our first child. Our friends cried with us during the sad days of our life and today they are rejoicing with us.
Today marks the beginning of a happier days for us. In a few hours I'll be meeting my little princess. Thanks to our friends who always pray for my wife's pregnancy. It was indeed an enjoyable pregnancy.
I thank and praise God for allowing us to have Gabby in our life, for protecting her each day and each moment. I'll be seeing my wife in a couple of hours and I know this time her eyes will have sparks on it and her lips, with a smile. I cannot matched the pain she is enduring right now. If only I could bare the pain for her, I will. I am so proud of my wife
This is the day that the Lord has made for us and we rejoice in the Lord.
Friends, join us in welcoming Gabby in our life.


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