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Saturday, August 1, 2009

President Cory Aquino,...A Woman of Courage and Dignity

Tomorrow, we will say goodbye to our beloved Former President Corazon Aquino, an Icon of Democracy. Surely, hundred of thousands of people will flock and give the final respect due her. She may not be the best or greatest President our country has ever had but she is the only President who was not tainted with any corruption, a great leader, a prayerful president and a courageous woman.

Even in her last days, she showed us that God is in control of everything. I am in awe with her devotion to our Mother and most specially her faith in God. She was equipped with this faith during her presidency. She was the symbol of our hope, unity and love.

I know we can't have such a person and a leader like President Cory in our lifetime and I am sure many politicians envy her. (I wonder if they dreamed to have the same attention when they die.). Our nation will surely missed her. We may not be seeing her wearing her signature yellow cloths and we may not hear her soft voice anymore but one thing is for sure her legacy will live on from generation to generation. A loving mother, a wife and a strong woman. Like Ninoy, I admire her unconditional love to our nation.

I hope that the hard earned democracy did not die with her and I hope she will not just be part of our history but rather a part of life. I will surely teach my children her contribution, devotion, faith and dignity. So that they will imitate her love to our country and to our God.

She is the reason why I am proud to be a Filipino.

"My responsibility as a Filipino to my country goes beyond it to my grave." -Pres. Corazon Aquino, SONA-July 22, 1991

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