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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary a.k.a. Calauit Safari, Busuanga

Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary (CGPWS) a.k.a Calauit Safari was established on August 31, 1976 by virtue of the P.D. 1578 during the time of Marcos Regime. It was then managed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources until it was given to the Office of the Palawan Council of Sustainable Development by virtue of R.A. 7611.

Calauit Safari is located at Calauit Island in Busuanga, Palawan, a perfect place for wildlife conservation because of its relative isolation, variety of wildlife habitats and tranquil scenery. It is the house of African animals and the endangered endemic animals of Palawan. It is a local version of African Safari minus the predators and huge animals such as elephants.
One would dare not missed this sanctuary, you will definitely enjoy the scenery, the flora and fauna and the hundreds of birds and animals living freely. It was an awesome experience of feeding a giraffe named Athena (her tongue extends up to 2 feet I guess) and touching a deer (somehow they are used with the presence of visitors), though I haven't got the chance to see different birds in the area.
It is sad to know that budget for the sanctuary is very limited now compare with the budget during the time of former President Marcos. It is very evident that the government now does not care much. Wounds of the animals are not treated properly because of the absence of a veterinarian who will look into the condition of the animals in a regular basis.
If the government will not give the right attention, sooner or later we will say goodbye to this wildlife sanctuary.

How to get there:
  • An hour land travel from Busuanga Domestic Airport. After which, a 5 minute boat ride to the sanctuary.
What to expect:
  • Animals are roaming freely, wandering and getting near the animals without permission of the Calauit guide is strictly prohibited.
  • Sometimes you wont get to see as much animals specially after 10AM.
  • The chance of feeding a giraffe
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  1. Did you join on a tour to this sanctuary? Would it be possible for you to give me some information?

  2. hi,

    it's cheaper to join other groups than to do it on your own. visit our contact's web site

  3. your welcome!, feel free email me if you have questions, happy trip



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