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Monday, October 27, 2008


Yesterday, my love tank is overflowing...

My wife and I, along with our mountaineering buddies climbed the peak of Mount Sembrano in Bo. Malaya, Tanay, Rizal, it is a 2 hour trek going to the summit, the weather is good, some part of the trail is slippery but aside from that, we reached the summit with less difficulty.

We were having our socials (getting to know some of the new joiners), when the rain started to pour, (it seems that there is a typhoon), we cut the socials involuntarily and we went back to our assigned tents (my wife and I usually have a separate tent assignments).

Since the rain never stop until the next day, many of us got wet because of the rain going inside the tents. I decided to transfer to my wife's tent hoping that I could sleep there comfortably, the situation is the same but better...

My wife took care of me for the whole night, she never let me soak in water again, gave me pillow, since I was feeling cold because my shirt got wet, she embraced me the whole night...and I slept soundly and comfortably.

I felt more love with my wife's loving arms and service even in that not so good situation...

The water was overflowing in our tent so is my love tank...

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