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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

God Answers All Our Prayers

Call unto me and I will answer thee"-Jeremiah 33:3

I always believe in the power of prayers... but I must admit, my prayer time is not consistent, I seldom pray or never pray at all...

I remember those days when I pray daily and my friends even asked me to pray for them, because they said that "malakas daw ako kay Lord" (God answers all my prayers). There were so many things I prayed to God and he answered it, I passed the CE Board Exam, I became part of the Feast Music Ministry, I won in a songwriting contest, I married the woman I love just to name a few.

I felt that something was missing... and that is my relationship with God because I was not praying a lot, really...I struggle but I just realized that it's my lost, I took away the privilege of talking to God, of having a conversation with Him or simply listen to His message. I lose all of it, but the good thing is I can have that privilege again...

I know God is not mad at me even if I didn't pray, but I guess it's not enough to worship Him once or twice a week. Prayers refreshes my soul, and it seems so easy to me to face every trials, I was able to overcome those trials because of prayers...

Through the years God is been good to me, God is always with me through good times and bad times and God answers all my prayers...never late always on time.

I just hope that I will be more focused in my relationship with Him through prayers...and still I know malakas pa rin ako kay Lord (God still answers my prayers) ...

"The secret of those people who have their prayers answered is they keep on praying until God grant it"...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank God I'm not an 'Eye cup'*

Last Tuesday, our Music Ministry held it's first ever Bowling Tournament, I wanted to play, but I am undergoing therapy because of my neck condition (Cervical Spondilosis), instead I commissioned myself to be the "Official Photographer" of the tournament. Everything went smoothly but not on the last part of the coverage.

During the group picture, I set-up the tripod so that I could join the group picture, then a guy took over so that we could have a better angle,he took 2 photos then return the camera on the tripod without securing it (locked it), ah!, it almost fell, thank God I was able to catch it, it has a minor damage... the eye cup is broken and unrepairable. "May kurot sa dibdib" (pinch in my heart) but I have to forget about it and buy a new one which will cost me about P300.

Thank God I am not an eye cup or a camera...

In our life, we seems to be going on the right track,we thought that we are standing on a solid ground but slowly we stumble...we fall...we sin against God... broken.. but the good thing is God can repair us, God can heal us.

Sin took over our life... God on the other hand just look and wait for us to return to His loving arms with a pinch in His heart..he just wait...he is ready to catch us and repair us and forgive us. He wont throw us away. In his loving presence we are secured and the cost of repair is priceless...His Son's life...

Ah, I thank God I am not an eye cup.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Cup

I found this cup/grail in my mother's cabinet, I remember that this 18 year old cup was used during communion of the Holy Mass held in April 1990.

Our family attended a Family Encounter Seminar held in La Salette Shrine in Cavite (I don't know why my brother was not allowed to attend, the only reason I know is, he is already married, it would have been better if he was with us).

This seminar have so many memories which I won't forget, for a fact, it was the first time that every member of our family were able to say everything without hurting each other, we embraced each other, cried, laughed & sung together, we even have these resolutions to strengthen our relationship, like going out together at least once a week, though these never happened because 2 weeks, after my father had suffered from a stroke, he never recovered until he died 5 years later.

This cup is a symbol of our family's reunion... our family's communion...
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