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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Makes God Smile?

This is my Reflection on Chapter 9 of the "Purpose Driven Life" by Ricky Warren

"May the Lord smile on you... "- Number 6:25 (NLT)

I was contemplating on what makes God smile, it all started when I missed our Music Ministry's services, our chapter's prayer & CG meetings. I was asking myself, "Am I making God frowns on me?"...i guess I still pleases God in other aspect of my life, I understand now that it is not just attending prayer meetings, going to Mass regularly or serving in a ministry. Don't get me wrong, I know that using my God given talent is part of my mission and it also pleases Him when we serve wholeheartedly.

I realized that whenever I kiss my wife or hug her to comfort her whenever she's sad, or spend my time with her and love her more each day. Loving my mom more, go out on a date or simply call her and ask if she's ok...all of these things makes God smiles at me.

Trusting Him wholeheartedly makes God smiles at me, there are tragedies I experienced, pains, failures and delayed promises, but these wont shaken me because I am standing on the solid ground.

Lastly, loving the poor is one of God's commandments. The amount is not important but only the intention. I am blessed by God financially and it is only fitting to share it to others. Starting this school year we are helping a child on her studies through Word Vision Philippines (, hopefully we could help more.

This is the right way to live, to deny oneself and love others more...and I still make God smile.

"Smile on me, your servant:teach me the right way to live." - Psalm 119:35

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