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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lingkod Kalikasan Clean-up Drive in Capones Island

The Lingkod Kalikasan Outdoor Adventure Club (LinK) invited some guests to join us on our anniversary Project which we named "3C" (Climb Pundaquit, Camp Anawangin and Clean Capones).

We traversed the mountain for more than 4 hours, explored Anawangin for the whole day. There were more people than we expected but still we enjoyed the beauty of God's creation.
April 27, Sunday morning we went to Capones Island, we arrived there after 30 minutes of boat ride. I was more disgusted with what I saw, more garbage were scattered all over the Island, thanks to those people who are very irresponsible, they just throw and leave it anywhere they wanted.

We started cleaning Capones Island, picked up all the empty bottles, slippers, plastics and food leftovers. After an hour, we collected about 25 garbage bags. We wanted to clean it more but 30 people can't do it in one day.

Everybody's cooperation is needed to maintain the beauty of Capones. We left Capones with a heavy heart, we only hope that people who go there will clean up their own garbage so that the future generation will still see its beauty. Local government's action is also needed to educate these people, pass resolutions and ordinances to protect the Island.

This is my plea to all the people who go to Capones and other places in our country, "PLEASE CLEAN YOUR OWN MESS".
Mountaineers has a golden rule, "TAKE NOTHING BUT PICTURES, LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS AND KILL NOTHING BUT TIME", I guess it applies to all.

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