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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life is A Temporary Assignment

This is my Reflection on Chapter 6 of the "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren

"I am here on earth for just a little while" - Psalm 119:19

Who's not afraid of dying, I myself is afraid of dying too, maybe because there are so many things I want to do before I die, before God call me home. What will happen to the people I love when I am gone?. Time runs fast, I am now 32 years old and soon I'll be old,..I'll be gone, but the big question is "Am I able to do my assignment?'

We're just here on earth for just a little while, temporarily. In school, assignments were given to students, students need to focus and give time to this assignment so that it could be done correctly. God give us an assignment, that is to spread God's word and create more love. The bible says that we are Christ's Ambassador (2 Corinthians 5:20) but sometimes I acted differently, I betrayed God because of sins, because of how I treat other people. I sometimes create hatred instead of love, ah! my temper is my worst
enemy. I hope I could create more love each moment...each day.

Compared To Eternity, Life Is Extremely Brief

Life is extremely brief. Time really runs fast, with all the changes in this world, busy streets, busy people and busy life. Ah!, we are all busy with many things to secure our future and to survive each day of our life. I am sometimes guilty of being busy with things which is not important, life is too short, I realized that I have to live daily as if it would be my last, that I have to love my family as far as I can, that I have to serve God with all my heart and strength, that I have to give love to others and not hatred.

I love watching movie, sometimes I am disappointed with the ending, or with the movie itself. but whether the movie is good or not, whether we like it or not, whether it is disappointing or must end. Life is like a movie, sometimes we don't like the things that happens to us, sometimes we enjoy and sometimes we stumble or experience victory...but it will end sooner than we think. The only difference is the Lord is our audience, He watch each and everyone of us. I hope He is not disappointed with what He is watching,

Earth Is Only A Temporary Assignment

Earth is just our temporary home, heaven is our permanent home. God put us here with a purpose, wherever we are or whatever we do is just a temporary assignment. Jobs, School, community services and anything we think of is just a temporary assignment or possession.

I may be too comfortable with my life right now, with where I am now, but I know there is more to see than life on earth. Death is not leaving our home it is going home, going to our Heavenly Father, be with Him eternally, without sadness, without sorrow and without despair. There will come a time in my life that I will be in sorrow, in despair or in sadness, but I now that God is my comforter, my joy and my hope. I am just glad that I knew our God at a tender age of 13, I experience many things but things seems to be easier with Him.

A few days ago, we transferred to our new office, it's a merger of our company and our client (so to speak). I was comfortable with our previous office, I don't need to wake up early or to experience the traffic of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue. I don't know if I will be able to adjust with the new set up with more traffic and higher expenses. I know this is just temporary and I hope in the near future I'll be back to were I belong, to where I called it home.

I am serving as a guitarist at The Feast (A weekly religious gathering), for 3 years I was able to do my assignment and mission. A few years back, I only ask the Lord to give me a chance be part of the ministry for just one day, but God gave me more, Ah!, there are so many things that happened in that span of time. I won in a songwriting contest and one by one my composition is being heard by hundreds of people. There is a thought in my mind that my role as a guitarist will end, I don't know when...but I will just serve until God gives me another assignment. Changes hurts but if it's the only way to fulfill God's plan for me then I will abide with what he is asking for. If God want to assign me to another service?, I am more than willing to accept it, even if it will hurt me... even if it will mean giving up the things I love doing... because everything I do is for the pleasure of my God and the King of my life.

In the meantime, I will just do my best to fulfill my assignment and my mission and to cherish those people whom God have entrusted to me, so that when the time comes that the Lord will finally call me home, God will say to me, "Well done my faithful servant".

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