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Monday, October 22, 2007

Remembering Gab

October 2007, the month Gab would have been born, I should have been a father, but last April my wife suffered from miscarriage, she was four months pregnant.

Although, we accepted what had just happened, still the pain is there. Sometimes, my wife and I cried in the midst of the night, thinking about Gab, thinking of what he/she would become. We imagined how our house will be field with his/her laughter. The memory of Gab remains in our hearts.

Last Monday, my wife texted me, she was crying, she thinks about Gab. I tried to call her on the phone but she's out for lunch. All I want is to comfort her the best way I can and tell her how much I love her, even if I myself is crying. Sometimes it leads to frustration, but I always believe that God has a purpose, that through this experience, other people will be touched by the loving hands of God, on how He comforts us through this difficult times of our lives.

The lost of our baby is painful, but through this pain, we feel God's comfort , We feel His warm embrace, we feel closer to Him whenever we are sad, whenever we think of our baby Gab.
Time will come that the Lord will finally give us another chance to have a child, a child we will love and cherish, but Gab will remain in our hearts...

Gab will always be remembered...

"Thank you Lord, for allowing us to have Gab, even for just a short while, You know our desire to have a baby, please prepare us for that gift of life you will give us. We will wait for the perfect answer to our prayer. Comfort us, embrace us in times of sadness. Amen.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


A few days ago My wife and I read an article in Kerygma Magazine (No. 1 Catholic Magazine in the Philippines) It was written by Carlo Cruz husband of Liezel who died in the October 2007 Glorietta 2 bombing. It is a very touching story. Honestly, I really admire him, on how much he loves her wife, on how Liezel touched his life,... sadly, it ended so soon.

There are still questions unanswered, like "Am I the person you always deserve?" and "Did I love you enough?" questions I also ask my wife every now and then, and I am glad that I always hear those answers directly from my wife, answers which makes me jump for joy... which makes me smile.

I'm glad I am that person...

To My Wife:

Thanks for being my partner, my wife and my best friend...I always wanted to grow old with you, thanks for being there always for me, for loving me more than I should love you. Just a thought of you each day makes me feel happy, makes me feel stronger and makes me feel very special.

I love you.

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