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Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Letter to My Unborn Child

Hi baby Gab,

Your Mom and I was so excited to see you, to hug you and carry you in our arms, feel your warm body and hear your tiny heartbeat. Sorry if you will never feel it anymore. I know you've suffered a lot and you were not able to bare the pain inside your mother's womb.
We've already planned many things for you, Gab, give you a good education, mold you to be a good Christian. We already bought a house in San Mateo, but don't worry it will still be your home too.
We will never see you play anymore. We will never feel your warm embrace but I promised you, I will hug your mom for you whenever she's sad and definitely I will love your mom even more.
We are very much thankful that you came into our lives even for just a short time. Even if we were not able to hear you cry,.. see you smile. For 3 1/2 months, you gave so much joy in our hearts. Your mom heard your heartbeat and how you moved inside her womb, ang saya-saya n'yang sinabi sa akin yun, ako rin sana narinig ko yun (She was so happy telling it, I hope that I was able to hear it too), I just saw your undeveloped body...Siguro ang ganda-ganda mo parang si mommy o ang pogi mo kagaya ng daddy (Maybe you're so pretty like your mom, or as handsome as your daddy).
Now that you are with God, I know you will be happier. Basta, I pag pray mo lang kami lagi ha?, na bigyan N'ya kami ng maraming baby para 'di rin kami malungkot, promise aalagaan namin ng mommy mo ang mga magiging kapatid mo (Please pray that the Lord will give us many kids so that we wont be sad. Promise, we will take good care of them) .

Thank you Gab for the joy you've given us, you will always be in our hearts. We love you...


Daddy Ricky

The pain of loosing him is still in me, people says bibigyan daw kami ng kapalit ni Gab, but the truth is hindi mapapalitan si Gab (, God may give us another baby or babies but Gab will always be in our hearts, part of our family, part of our lives. We're so blessed that Gab came into our lives...

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